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This LOTW is supposed to process that file and then return a . I could then upload my FT4 QSO's to LoTW and they showed as FT4 in LoTW. Dec 14, 2018 LoTW is free to all Amateur Radio Operators around the world, and Fix issue with Windows updates of TQSL failing when the user's directory  Jan 1, 2018 TQSL is an application used to sign and upload contacts to Logbook of curl -s https://www. resubmit all FT8 QSOs to LoTW This resubmission will update each QSO already submitted to LoTW. x is buggy, and 2. For card images, try e-QSL – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. This is a update release containing additions made since the release of config. Note: If you are a subscriber, you can upload your LoTW Certificate Container File (. It can be used to digitally sign and upload QSOs to the ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW) online service and to manage the Callsign Certificates used when digitally signing. tqsl -d -u -i cert. Keep an eye out for ARRL's announcements for updates on the latest TQSL release. Everything worked perfectly and I realized a synchronization ok with LOTW. . 4) will be released on January 23. tqsl. tq8) file, and then display the name of this file so you can move it to an internet-connected PC and manually upload it to LotW. 4. This appears to be caused by the way CQRLog implements the TQSL upload. ARRL will no longer accept logs signed with tQSL versions earlier than 2. [Message part 1 (text/plain, inline)] I've just fixed this in the upstream TQSL 2. The procedure I have been using is log the QSOs with WSJTX and then import the WSJTX log file into HRD log book and it takes it all OK, Here's the issue. For the current release of TQSL, visit the ARRL LoTW page. delete the FT8=>DATA mode mapping from TQSL (in the "ADIF Modes" tab of TQSL's Preferences dialog, select the FT8=>DATA mapping and then click the Delete button) 2. This release also includes an update to the most recent TQSL configuration file. 1. You may also report bugs so that the author may TQSL. Importing Your LoTW Confirmations into HRD . You Should Update LoTW tQSL Software. 1 and 2. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Thank you for your patience. Click Save. 1 (after uninstalling the previous version). Hello everyone. so: cannot open shared  This package provides the 'tqsl' program for maintaining your digital certificates for LoTW and signing QSL log signing for the Logbook of the World (LoTW). TQSL will enable you to obtain a Callsign Certificate that identifies you as the source of the QSOs you submit, and will also enable you to define a Station Location that specifies the geographical details of your operating LOGIc LOTW upload fail with TQSL 2. 14 software for Logbook of The World (LoTW) would be available on May 20. org>. I just did this for my vp5 operation. The tqsl program is usually used with it's graphics user interface, especially on Windows and OS X computers. exe does not need Internet access. UPDATE 1/09/10: Well, I just got around to re-installing LOTW on my  Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about My LoTW. NOTE: The screen shots need updating for DX4WIN 8, but the flow is the same. 1 and this can be accomplished simply by clicking “Help” then “Check for Updates” in the TQSL program. The latest version of TQSL (version 2. exe also runs the M_TQSL. 65536 was available. exe software. 93 and TQSL 2. Acknowledgement sent to John Mock <[email protected] You’ll be issued a unique Callsign Certificate, and provided with access to an LoTW Account via the world wide web. It has new features as well as corrections for defects found since TQSL 2. i run Lubuntu 17. gz > tqsl-latest. I'm running CQRLog on Mint 17 and have been for years without problem. Version 2. Good news guys -- on the "News and Notes" section on the main LoTW page, they mention an update to TQSL. tq8 file to LotW by emailing it to [email protected], or by logging on to your LotW web page and uploading the file from there Computer Logging and. 3. ” This version of Trusted QSL (TQSL) has new features as well as corrections for defects found since TQSL 2. LOTW TQSL 2. There is no charge for using XMLog. The process differs some depending on the logging program you use – but the basics are the same. xml v11. Is it just me, or do you also think that Logbook of the World (LOTW) is more trouble than it’s worth? Three years ago, I went through the bother of downloading the software, getting the certificates, etc. This allows you to digitally sign your ADIF or Cabrillo log file to ensure that only your legitimate logs are uploaded to LOTW. 7 has been released. exe. By hamradioreviews January 4, 2017 January 4, 2017 0. There is a copy of some of the TQSL files, but not all, in /home//. Using TQSL , generate a callsign certificate request . 6 Changed in this release: In the Satellite enumeration, added entries for: JO-97— Jordan-OSCAR 97 (JY1Sat) FO-99 — Fuji-OSCAR 99 (NEXUS) QO-100 — Qatar-OSCAR 100 (Es’hail-2/P4A) The TQSL now incorporates basic integrity checks for zones. 6 TQSL is available for MS Windows (PC), Apple OS X (Mac) and Linux operating systems. Open tQSL cert application, click as your desired callsign's cert to backup How To Backup Your TrustedQSL (LOTW) Certificate Saving the tq5 and tq6 file is not a good way to backup your LOTW certificates, you need to export the certificate as pk12 file. 0より古いものでサインされたデータは受け取らないとつぶやいたのです。 fldigi does not have a direct connection for uploading and downloading LoTW records. 3 hasn't yet propagated over to the LOTW site. LOTW upload fails with TQSL V 2. 3 i got the certificate via email but it will not be accepted by lotw. The latest version of the LoTW's Trusted QSL program (TQSL v2. org/lotw -help_devel_en/installation/?lang=en - TQSL Installation / Documentation on  Dec 22, 2017 Had TQSL running just fine on my one linux box, but when I went to update the config file to add AO-91 after it's launch - CRASH. If you included QSO detail with your LoTW report download, various fields in your logbook may have been updated. LoTW will be offline and unavailable during this time. 73 Rick N2AMG The update routine will check DXCC, IOTA and Grid locator for worked/confirmed status' 'Force DXCC database update' will update DXCC database from the LoTW QSL report regardless of current status, this option will not normally be enabled. tar . Totals are for confirmed contacts only. M_TQSL. exe is used to automatically enter the private password into TQSL. My logging sequence was to log the contact using the LOG QSO button in WSJT-X, and then import that ADIF file into my main Ham Radio Deluxe logbook. cc, LoTW, and HRDLog. [ARRL-LOTW] Problems with upgrading TQSL Thanks Dave for your constant attention to LoTW and Same problem here. If a LoTW upload (either live or from the Log panel contextual menu) appears to hang or times out with an Alert, check that the tqsl app is not waiting for input - i. net>: New Bug report received and forwarded. I checked for an update and it said version V2. 7) can be downloaded here. Even after installing this update, you will not be able to upload your FT4 QSOs to LoTW quite yet. Use the following instructions to set up your LOTW account, brought to you by ARRL. Checking for TQSL Updates If your computer has access to the internet, you can determine whether a new version of TQSL or its Configuration Data is available  Quick Start TQSL. LOTW Quick Start. p12 logbook. 199 update and see if that helps. net. I have now uploaded my Log of 6700 QSO's since 1993 to LoTW and already have some 'credits', beforehand there was a small amount of work to do in the log with QSO's which the TQSL signing program threw out, there were a couple of QSO's with missing QSO times, a couple of callsign corrections (O instead of 0 (zero)) and a couple of unrecognised Modes, about 5 minutes work in correcting the log (see LOTW error1. " The FT8 contacts were ignored. Desktop apps, Software. If you have TQSL update problems with DXLab, use the link below. This weeks edition is anchored by Rich Lawrence, KB2MOB, Will Rogers, K5WLR, Don Hulick, K2ATJ, George W2XBS, and Jessica Bowen, KC2VWX. Just follow the steps outlined below, and you’ll find out how easy it is. LOTW Updated TQSL configuration file released (config. If no station location is selected, TQSL will prompt you to select one when it's invoked by DXKeeper during the LotW upload process. io Date: Monday, April 22, 2019, 4:57 PM Looks like we need a version 2. Instead, it uses the tqsl program that each LoTW user will have on his or her computer. ARRL will likely have to update their TQSL software to accept FT4 as well. adif i'm  Several days ago I received my first LoTW confirmation on an FT4 QSO. arrl. I clicked OK but no luck. Last week, the ARRL announced that the introduction of the new TQSL 1. 2. Had to update TQSL to upload FT8 contacts. 11. Start the TQSL program and go to File -> Sign existing ADIF or Cabrillo file:. TQSL 2. After you’re registered, you can submit QSOs to LoTW by either using TQSL to digitally sign those QSOs and convey them to LoTW via the internet, or by using one of the many logging applications that provide this capability. prompting for a password - this can happen if the LoTW certificate password is required but missing or incorrect, or if tqsl is not able to use your System language Logbook of the Word (LoTW) is now accepting Q’s for the digital mode FT8 but you’ll have to update your TQSL to the latest version 2. Apparently the auto-update in TQSL 2. Log in to your LoTW account! Go Now Applying for Award Credit · Getting Help with LoTW · Log In to Your LoTW Account · Check for Updates · Renew a Callsign Certificate · Check LoTW Queue Status TQSL Download TQSL Download  Troubleshooting When solving a problem in the use of LoTW, first confirm that you are running the current version of TQSL; if not, upgrade TQSL to the curr. 4 can be installed to upgrade any older version of TQSL. net (not associated with HRD Software LLC) Starting with Version 6. Get Updates Share This Update windows build string it would be nice to be able to do everything from command line. Now it simply If only LotW had a way to enter QSO's via a web browser :(. 1 was released. Upon further The LoTW tools are linked in the left menu of Club Log (look for 'LoTW Sync') and you're invited to give it a try whenever you're ready! Do let us know if you have any problems using it or understanding the process. 5 can be installed to upgrade any older version of TQSL. A poster in the comments had a great "quick start" guide, which I didn't even need to refer to, because it began the renewal automatically when I loaded up TQSL. Wine. 1? I worked 7 FT8 QSO's yesterday and then quit the program and closed my laptop. Installing or Upgrading TQSL The TQSL application used by LoTW is free to download and use, and is Updating Confirmations Note: TQSL can submit digitally signed QSOs and Callsign Certificate requests to LoTW via the internet. 0, contest logging has been added along with completely re-written QRZ Logbook LoTW Certificate Import Quick Start Guide Introduction: This guide will show you how to retrieve the LoTW certificate which QRZ Logbook requires for direct uploads to ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW). 0 works perfectly (based on my onw testings and other user's experience too). No changes for other platforms. Only at eHam. Configuring and Maintaining TQSL Backing Up and Restoring Callsign TQSL · Determining What Version of TQSL is Running · Checking for TQSL Updates  Determining What Version of TQSL is Running Select the Help menu's About command (on OS X, select the Application menu's About Updating Confirmations. The data below includes ALL contacts uploaded to LoTW by 2359 UTC, January 10, 2019. Logger32 features, snags and bugs . xml version 11. the URL from which the new version can be The TQSL application used by LoTW is free to download and use, and is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. Permission to distribute XMLog for profit is prohibited. Copy sent to Hamish Moffatt <[email protected] You can set the Outgoing fields manually to indicate a QSL Type of LoTW if you want, but if you don't and no other type of QSL is indicated as sent and/or received on the Verification tab, the LoTW QSL Update Utility will automatically declare LoTW as the Official Outgoing and Incoming QSL Type for matched records as part of its processing. This is a review of ARRL Log book Of The World, or LOTW, also see my review of eQSL QSL Service. By the way, I gather hams operating from grid boundaries/junctions are able to select multiple adjacent grids in TQSL, up to four of them I believe. (full text, mbox, link). When I try to upload the QSOs (in the HRD Log) to LOTW that were logged by WSJTX I get the following message:"Failed to sign ADFI with TQSL. Because VP5 actually issues a paper license, I had to email an image of that to [email protected] 勇気ある方はこのオプションを選択すれば自動的に処理が行われます。 Tag: upgrade tqsl. The ARRL is currently sponsoring a program for exchanging QSL information in a secure way for use in obtaining various awards from the ARRL. HRD_Utils. So what, let TQSL ignore the empty record, just update it. menu/File/LoTW Manager. The application is designed to enable users to create tQSL Right-clicking a QSO in the Log Page Display and selecting the Update from LotW menu item performs the Sync LotW QSLs operation on the selected QSO; this provides a quick way to update a QSO's LotW cfm item after your QSO partner has re-uploaded the QSO with additional or corrected mode, US State, grid square, national park, or CQ zone information. Updated I got an error after trying to run tqsl; "tqsl: error while loading shared libraries: libtqsllib. 6 ??? I'm getting the same message. These LoTW help topics describes the LoTW interaction between Winlog32, the LoTW server and the TQSL utility, it assumes that you have already verified your LoTW account and received your username and password, received your certificate(s) and have installed the TQSL utility. I started my laptop and then WSJT-X and the log was gone in the directory that I saw before I closed everything. 2-rc2 kit available for testing Re: [Trustedqsl-testing] TQSL 2. We don’t support real time upload to LoTW to comply with their fair-use request and to avoid unnecessary overload on ARRL systems, but uploading your daily QSO’s is matter of a few clicks. 3) of LoTW’s Trusted QSL (TQSL) is now available. If and when such an endorsement is offered, the polite US-based operator will 1. 7 which tried to correct 2. a) Ignore:LoTW_SENT、LoTW_RCVDフィールドも含め、一切Logbookの更新はしません。 b) Apply:Logbookが更新されます。LoTW_SENT、LoTW_RCVDフィールドも適正に更新します。 ・Automatic update of Logbook. Logbook of the World (LOTW) (an update) Federal Way Amateur Radio Club Not an online QSL Card exchange. From LoTW Manager I can Export and Sign, and I can log into LoTW just fine. Is there a change at LOTW again, is there a patch, or is it my computer? Uploading satellite QSOs to LOTW might seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. TQSL is available for MS Windows (PC), Apple OS X (Mac) and Linux operating systems. A new Logbook of The World (LoTW) TQSL configuration file (v. tar. JPG) The contacts do not get marked as sent in the HRD logbook. From searching the forum it seems that "station location" could be an issue but I have exactly the same callsign in both TQSL and WL32. Hello all, The new TQSL 2. Updating Logbook data from QRZ. The tqsl All update files are in the fldigi files sub-folder "LOTW". If you are running anti-spyware or anti-malware applications such as Bit Defender, configure these applications to allow TQSL to run. However be aware to assign the field C_NOTE or L_NOTE when asked to assign the field APP_LOTW_MODEGROUP. How To Backup Your TrustedQSL (LOTW) Certificate Saving the tq5 and tq6 file is not a good way to backup your LOTW certificates, you need to export the certificate as pk12 file. The latest version of TQSL (version 2. Amateur radio, also known as ham radio, serves as both hobby and service in which participants (called “hams,” by the way) use different types of radio communications equipment in order to communicate with other hams mainly for public services and recreation. You Should Update LoTW tQSL Software as soon as possible. They would rather have a group of qso’s uploaded than take server time to process one qso at a time. 3 was released. It's easy to apply for one in the TQSL app. Then, as another mentioned, you will need to also set up a new station location. This Log4OM is also fully integrated with LoTW by completely interfacing the TQSL. TQSL runs under . I had a problem with one of the updates and LoTW about a month ago. exe program and installed it to your computer - If so find the program, right click on the program icon, go to 'Properties' and you should see the path to where the program is installed - Alternatively search for TQSL. ARRL Trusted QSL (tqsl) product reviews by real people like you. 96, and I followed the recommendation: I installed TQSL 2. This morning I installed SWL 5. 2 were released. You may post here if you are having problems with Winlog32 that others may be able to help you with. When I installed TQSL, by default it installed in the program files folder but this new update expects it to be in LOTW Updated TQSL configuration file released (config. tq8. Correcting your LoTW location info in TQSL. im trying too get my certificate recognized in Lotw. This version of Trusted QSL (TQSL) has new features as well as corrections for defects found since TQSL 2. Many people just use the ARRL’s TQSL software to upload their sat QSOs. I've no problems logging into LotW manual (via TQSL for instance). 1. 1 over this past weekend. The following is the essential information you'll need to get up and running with LoTW. I then export the contacts from the HRD logbook up to LoTW. When I wrote this software I was asked by the LOTW developers to not allow an automatic upload. station callsign * Re: [Trustedqsl-testing] TQSL 2. Checking for TQSL Updates. exe accesses the LoTW web site using SSL, and will access the DNS server to determine the IP address of LoTW. Looks like FT8 was added just a couple days ago. 4 Will Not Upgrade Marvin, thank you VEEry much!!!! -- that made my TQSL update experience so much less frustrating than it otherwise would have been! I've just pushed a quick update to TQSL which fixes a defect where command line users on Windows did not get proper status messages. 1 upgrade: LOGIc now fails to upload QSOs to LOTW after TQSL upgrade to TQSL 2. In part five, using the LoTW web interface will be  QSO log signing data for the ARRL Logbook of The World (LoTW) not_anonymous commented on 2019-06-03 19:11. Also, does the newest version include FT8? I'm waiting for it to upload my FT8 contacts to LoTW. 6 update released To: [email protected] Point totals for the International Grid Chase event are shown below. “Affected users should report the issue to their logging application software vendor,” Keane said. org/files/file/LoTW%20Instructions/tqsl-latest. You can submit this . exe and M_TQSL. I then attempted to update my HRD log from LoTW but the confirmed FT4 contacts would not update in HRD log. 3 is available from the League's website. 0. Said it loaded but I still can't upload to LOTW. HRD Logbook also provides full upload and download capabilities for eQSL. So I have never allowed for an automatic upload to LOTW. I agree with you and ill wait for LOTW to catch up. UPDATE: So this process actually is pretty easy, as I suspected it was. If an update for TQSL is available, the Update Available dialog will appear, showing. Nov 25, 2009 I downloaded the latest version the TQSL software, but I'd forgotten that . 7) — Config. QSL log signing for the Logbook of the World (LoTW) This package provides the 'tqsl' program for maintaining your digital certificates for LoTW and signing  Nov 5, 2017 In part four, the use of LoTW and TQSL as part of electronic logging software was explored. Every so often, I export the new QSO's in ADIF format, and open TQSL, sign the file and upload it to LoTW. I finally uploaded my logs just now, and got some matched FT8 QSL's. This will not adversely impact any confirmations or award credits Before you can submit QSOs to Logbook of the World (LoTW), you must install the free TQSL application on your computer. Logger32 is an excellent logging program with loads of useful features such as: It’s free, as in free beer not free speech. 6 Changed in this release: In the Satellite enumeration, added entries for: JO-97— Jordan-OSCAR 97 When the latest TQSL config file was released I started TQSL and installed the new config file. Subject: Re: [ARRL-LoTW] TQSL 2. Every- time I update the TQSL application, from a lesser version, to a higher version,  win32-msi/tqsl-install · Update to TQSL 2. This page is a quick Instructions-. the QSO's LotW Rcvd will be set to R; Invoke TQSL and direct it to encrypt and sign the file you just exported; the resulting file will have a file extension of . gz I'll update this post if and when I figure out how to do that. Have fun! 73, KD0KZE / Paul TQSL is a useful and reliable application that provides users with a set of procedures which are used to send digitally QSL information. (see No Errors. If you haven't already, your TQSL client will need the update. A new version (v2. LoTW automation. Logbook of the World (LoTW) Help. so below are the steps that you can check/update your own or in the case of a QSL you receive from another ham that is This mode is absolutely great and fascinating. To get on the air so simply and work the world is wonderful. Open tQSL cert application, click as your desired callsign's cert to backup radio QSL information. If you add, modify, or delete a Station Location in TQSL, click the Update button to update the Station Location selector. K3RLD, Dec  Sep 5, 2017 TQSL is an application used to digitally sign and upload QSOs to the ARRL's Logbook of the World (LotW) online service, and to manage the Callsign Certificates used when digitally signing Update a '''Station Location'''. While I was at it, I thought it would probably be a good idea to check when I last uploaded my logs to LOTW. 8 to correct 2. XMLog is an amateur radio logbook system for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. com . p12) to enable This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1065 Release Date: July 27, 2019 Here is a summary of the news trending this week. NO there is no automatic upload to LOTW. I thing in the month I’ve used it I’ve learn so much about propagation and how to bring in the foreign stations where the signals calling him must be in the hundreds. We're in business. When I log into the LOTW site and look at my activity, I see that the QSOs that were "rejected" have arrived at LOTW and have been processed without issue. The author and support team put a huge amount of work into writing and maintaining the program and expect almost nothing in return (although understandably they get grumpy if you ask Uploading satellite QSOs to LOTW might seem a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. - eHam. TQSL accepts QSOs in a log file whose format is either ADIF or Cabrillo, which many logging applications can create. Did that, except it launched TQSL (rather slowly, about 20 seconds after starting the upload), don't remember it ever doing that, but at the end it marked the QSO's as having been sent. 2-rc2 kit available for testing N3FJP's Amateur Radio Logging Software - Setting up LoTW. It also includes an update to the most recent TQSL configuration file. xml v10. asked to provide this password each time you direct TQSL to digitally sign a log file using the requested Callsign Certificate. 3 beta repository, along with another unrelated issue when compiling on Stretch. After the processing is complete, a summary of the update activity will appear. The next update after that the problem went away, Try updating to the . Radio Amateurs outside of Kosovo should continue to upload their logs to LoTW in the usual manner. Release Notes for TQSL v2. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). I used it for a while, uploading all of the QSOs that I’d logged since I got back on the Logbook of The World (LoTW), the ARRL’s online QSO confirmation system, will undergo scheduled maintenance on Thursday, May 2 at 5 PM (2100 UTC); this should last approximately three hours. Have I notice that the FT8 logging file refreshes each time you start up a new session of WSJT-X Ver 8. If your computer has access to the internet, you can determine whether a new version of TQSL or its Configuration Data is available by selecting the Help menu's Check for Updates command. com - id: bab63-ZDc1Z Yesterday I still had SWL v5. 自分も知らなかったのですが、ローカルのOMさんから教えて頂きました。毎日のようにLoTW=HOME画面見ているのですが・・・全く判りませんでした。 この日のアップデートで追加されたようですね↓ Jan 23, 2017: Update to TQSL configuration file released (config. 1 and Configure Data 11. Download My LoTW and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod  Mar 31, 2018 Download Update and unzip file into your current L32LogSync install . When I uploaded the contacts to LoTW only the JT65 contacts "took. “In several cases, logging application vendors have already released updates of their products that resolve the problem. 3) is now available at: http K7RA Solar Update; AMERICAN RADIO HISTORY AND MORE QRZ Logbook LoTW Download Quick Start Guide Step 2: From this page, the only thing you need to enter is your LoTW Username. Updating Confirmations Start TQSL and select the Callsign Certificates tab, which lists your Callsign Certificates. exe program. org-- if you have any questions about the process, just email them. TQSL - Trusted QSL from ARRL LoTW properly setup and working. Only update your log, do not send the whole thing every time - it caused server problems with uneccesary load. e. To see these changes, use F8 to search your log, enter LOTW into the blank "Notes for this QSO" field, then ENTER: DX4WIN 8: Search for the word "import" in the "Notes for this QSO field" instead of LOTW. 4, 2 years ago https://lotw. 10 tqsl v2. I checked LoTW website and it hasn't processed the latest update as yet, just checked again and still no update, so I suspect something didn't work. ZL2iFB LoTW user guide. Hopefully you have downloaded the LOTW TQSL. Update your logging program to show the LoTW confirmations received. When you click the Prep LotW Update button, DXKeeper will invoke TQSL as described above to generate a signed (. Setting up LoTW. でもまぁー日本語仕様じゃなくてもそれほど不便を感じないし、OSがサポート終了したXPなのが原因なのかなと思って放っていました。ところが本日ARRLのTwitterが、LoTWはTQSLのver2. tq6 file, which you then load back into TQSL-CERT. Now I can not synchronize the QSO and the QSL with LOTW. TQSL will detect when this file has been released and will install the update automatically. 7) -- Config. JPG) Uploads via TQSL are not affected. 04? I installed it from the Ubuntu Software Center, however, it's telling me that there's a newer version, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to update it. This guide requires that you already have TQSL, and a valid certificate from LoTW. Lotw server then checks my log for errors in format etc and uploads the new QSO's to my log. That's what i did But when checking in LOTW QSO's where missing just after the "empty"field that happened to be my season best DX of course among 6m several JA 50 MHz DS4EOI 2017-06-08 9:18 New DXCC Korea 1rst time in 30 years 6m QRV tqsl is the Trusted QSL software required by the American Radio Relay League's Logbook Of The World (LOTW) program. 8. Sounds like a lot of make-work to me, but oh well. 5) -- Can anyone tell me how to get and install the latest version of TQSL on Ubuntu 14. lotw tqsl update

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